St. Louis, United States

Despite an overall downward trend in crime rates, St. Louis has been labeled the "most dangerous city in America" in recent years. Mayor Francis G. Slay asked the IBM team to provide a set of actionable recommendations to improve public safety outcomes through better information management. The team provided a roadmap that includes coordination of business process and flows of data throughout the public safety system, and identified opportunities for accountability and cost-savings through performance management, analytics asset management, operational streamlining and policy changes. 

The Executive Summary Report describes the key focus areas, overall themes and top-priority recommendations developed by the IBM team during their Smarter Cities Challenge engagement in St. Louis. 

The City of St. Louis has posted a web page describing IBM's activities and areas of focus during the Smarter Cities Challenge engagement. The entire report is accessible from this page.

City Leader
Francis G. Slay Francis G. Slay Mayor of St. Louis, Missouri

Francis G. Slay was sworn in as the 45th Mayor of the City of St. Louis on April 17, 2001. He was re-elected by large margins in April 2005 and April 2009. He is only the fourth mayor of St. Louis to be elected to a third term. Prior to being elected Mayor, Francis G. Slay served as a St. Louis Alderman for 10 years, then as President of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen from 1995 to 2001.

Suzanne Wylie Chief Executive, Belfast City Council

Councillor Nichola Mallon Lord Mayor of Belfast

Team Members
Melissa Bailey Senior Certified Executive Architect
Rob Dolan Software Group, Market Segment Manager, Business Analytics
Jim Hueser Public Sector, Industry Solution Representative
Jim Lingerfelt Global Technology Services, Security Specialist
Thomas Sheppard Global Business Services, Strategy Consultant
YanChing Zang Systems & Technology, Solution Sales Manager
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